Global Network

Connecting your Business to the World



Become part of a global network and connect your business to 1.8m Agents & over 200,000 properties worldwide.

WREX's mission is to make the world more open & connected, by giving people the power to build a community of their own buyers, sellers & agents worldwide.

WREX's B2B & B2C marketplace brings each individual closer together under one holistic ecosystem, helping to provide a secure platform for Brokers, Estate Agencies & Enterprises to cross-sell globally, in turn maximising the probability of finding the right seller, or buyer, for any property type around the world.



WREX is addressing the old hyper localised & fragmented brokerage models, by globalising & democratising the brokerage ecosystem, giving you unlimited access to a global network of Buyers & Sellers across the globe. Our B2B marketplace provides industry professionals with the first global lead generation platform, allowing you to gain access to more potential Sellers & Buyers worldwide...


  • Ability to earn between 20% - 70% for Buying and Selling leads
  • Live Property Sales tracking software
  • Over 200,000 properties worldwide
  • Sync your devices and access your property leads from the palm of your hand

Star Rating & Reviews

Each Buyer, Seller and Agent profile within the WREX marketplace can build a star rating, based on performance and customer reviews. Individuals are able to write a review on past experiences and industry professionals are able to promote themselves to attract new potental clients.

The Star Rating System has been developed to encourage each individual and company to strive, to provide a better quality of service to WREX customers around the world.


  • 75


    WREX has a strong presence in over 75+ locations globally including: Europe, USA, Asia and beyond

  • 20,000


    With over 20,000+ offices worldwide to help you buy or sell your property

  • 400,000


    WREX professional members are 400,000+ and growing, with experts from around the world at your finger tips

  • 200,000


    Over 200,000+ available properties worldwide spanning across residential, commercial to developments